(Coaching with the Enneagram, the MBTI and Anthony Robbins-Cloe Madanes' HNP) by Yechezkel & Ruth Madanes, with a Foreword by master trainer of psychotherapists Cloe Madanes.

"The beauty of this new Enneagram and Coaching book is how the authors have created a non-pathologizing methodology that recognizes both our humanness and our spiritual core. We highly admire the spirit and depth of their approach to coaching with the Enneagram"    -- Don Riso & Russ Hudson, co-authors of the international best-sellers Personality Types and The Wisdom of the Enneagram. This widely acclaimed book offers coaches, consultants, trainers, and therapists the necessary tools to transform their careers using the Enneagram, a sophisticated personality types system, as a basis for effective interventions.

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Te sientes estancado profesional y personalmente, tienes la sensación de que posees un gran potencial aún sun explotar? Has emprendido quizás un proceso de coaching o de autoconocimiento... sin resultados espectaculares? .Ha llegado el momento de cambiar de enfoque.

Este libro combina por primera vez las técnicas del coaching con la sabiduría del Eneagrama para enseñarte a descubrir qué rasgos definen tu personalidad, qué mecanismos te impiden seguir avanzando y, por fin, qué herramientas de coaching son las más adecuadas para potenciar tus cualidades únicas.Un libro tan riguroso como transformador, que te enseñará de una vez por todas, a acceder a ese caudal de capacidades que está ahí, esperando ser liberado.

Publicado por EDICIONES URANO, Barcelona, España

FROM STUCKNESS TO GROWTH: Executive Coaching - By Yechezkel & Ruth Madanes, with a Foreword by world-renowned authority in organizational transformation Ichak Adizes, Ph.D.

“Good leaders know the importance of relationships to a healthy organization. From Stuckness to Growth  will raise your awareness as a leader. Knowing how each individual's unique personality type drives his or her behavior will improve the value of every interaction and relationship in your workplace.  Every leader should keep this book nearby and refer to it often.”
-- KEN BLANCHARD Co-author of “The One Minute Manager®” and “Great Leaders Grow”

"To succeed as a leader you must uncover the belief system that shapes your decisions. Powerful tools for transformation!"
ANTHONY ROBBINS, New York Times best-selling author of Awaken the Giant Within  and Unlimited Power.

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ENNEAGRAM MEDITATION: Insights to Empower your Soul

Life is moving very fast these days, perhaps faster than ever before. This creates a lot of stress and confusion.Using the Enneagram system of personality types, this inspiring, heart-opening, and easy-to-read book will give you a new way to look at meditation. It is not just a means to empty your head or suppress your emotions to temporarily avoid stress and pain. You will learn to see it as a tool for being more compassionately aware of what your mind and feelings are up to, so you can develop the ability to recognize all the distractions that prevent you from tapping into your inner power, the wisdom that is already within you, in your soul. This will allow you to achieve true, sustainable calm and harmony in all areas of your life, whenever you desire it.

Spanish version International launching, March 2013 under the title "Meditacion con Eneagrama", Ediciones Urano, Spain

MEDITACION CON ENNEAGRAMA: Conecta Con Tu Sabiduría Interior

En nuestros días la vida pasa frente a nosotros cada vez mas de prisa, quizás más que en cualquier otra época previa de la Humanidad. Esto causa en nosotros mucha confusión y stress.

Usando el Eneagrama, este libro inspirador, profundo y fácil de leer, te guiará hacia una nueva manera de hacer meditación. No como una solución rápida para evitar el stress y el dolor tratando de suprimir tus pensamientos y emociones temporariamente - sino como una herramienta para ser más paciente y amoroso contigo mismo. Este libro te ayudará a desarrollar la habilidad de reconocer y prevenir las distracciones que tu mente fabrica y que evitan que puedas alcanzar tu verdadero poder interior: aquella sabiduría que ya existe dentro de ti, la que proviene de tu espíritu. De esta manera alcanzarás una calma y armonía duradera en todas las areas de tu vida, cada vez que lo desees.

 Publicado por EDICIONES URANO, Barcelona, España.

BIG PICTURE (SELF) COACHING: Why you don't do, what you know you need to do?

TIRED OF canned, one-size-fits-all approaches to coaching that promise that you will achieve your goals, only to find yourself STUCK again and again in the same place?

YOU ARE NOT ALONE! If you are tired of your coach trying to “motivate” you by shouting at you “You can!”, “Anything is possible!”, “The sky is the limit!”, “I believe in you!” , “ You are unstoppable”, or any other coaching cliche- but you are still stuck and nothing moves, this is the book for you!

Available worldwide, December 2014

דבר אלי יפה

דבר אלי יפה - סוד המהפך ביחס שלנו כלפי העולם ושל העולם כלפינו

Published by IDAN CHADASH, Tel Aviv, Israel

От застоя к росту

Книга о мощной методике, сочетающей в себе модель ролей PAEI Адизеса и типологию личностей по эннеаграммам, которая поможет раскрыть ваш потенциал руководителя.

За последние десятилетия коучинг колоссально распространился в мире и получил признание в качестве эффективного инструмента

Published by Mann-Ivanov-Ferber, Moscu - Russia

Wake up! You Are Not You (The secret to understanding why you keep making the same mistakes and can’t be happy ).

In this new book we combined psychology and spirituality. In it, we help people to unmask and uncover their false self and identify their ego characteristics and thus understand why they keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Once they discover who they are not, they are able to connect with their real self and unleash the hidden power of their soul in their daily lives.

Publicado por EDICIONES OBELISCO, Barcelona, España.