Enneagram Profiler Certification

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Become certified to administer the E-PAEI 3.0 (Enneagram & Adizes PAEI) suite of professional assessments

15 hours

Get started as an Enneagram & PAEI profiler! When you complete your Enneagram Profiler Accreditation, you will be ready to start using the E-PAEI 3.0 assessments with clients or in-house with your team and company.

The E-PAEI 3.0 is compatible with the Coaching 3.0 guidelines at the International Association of Coaching (see the Coaching 3.0 – How to Become a Masterful Coach with the IAC Masteries book here).

Become trained for the use and interpretation of the E-PAEI assessments and decode a person’s:
• Enneagram personality type, wings and subtype
• Adizes PAEI strengths and areas for potential improvement
• Human Needs (Tony Robbins & Dr.Cloe Madanes)
• Communication style
• Conflict management style
• Working and Leadership styles
• Relationship style
• Developmental and coaching needs

Using the E-PAEI assessments with your clients, will allow you to:
• Quickly understand what makes them tick and unique
• Get immediate insight into their strengths and areas that require development
• Tailor your communications and interventions for maximum effectiveness
• Build rapport
• Get tips on how to coach, encourage and support each particular client – from a variety of powerful techniques based on Madanes School’s highly acclaimed work on Tony Robbins and Dr.Cloe Madanes’ methodology.

Who Should Attend
Coaches, trainers, educators, therapists
In business: Leaders interested in taking their HR to the next level, HR Professionals, OD professionals, Managers, Recruiters, Talent Acquisition Professionals, Consultants, Coaches, Trainers, Educators, Therapists,

Learn to work with the Enneagram and Adizes PAEI
For over forty years Dr.Ichak Adizes has developed the management methodology that bears his name. His record is unbeatable: professor at UCLA, Stanford and Columbia Universities; consultant to Fortune 500 companies; consultant to prime ministers and cabinet-level officers from around the world; 18 honorary doctorates from universities in 10 countries; author of 20 books that are classics in the field, translated into 26 languages; founder and president of the Adizes Institute in California. He is considered by Leadership Excellence Journal one of the top ten consultants of the United States.

We at Madanes School have been privileged to partner, research, work and collaborate with Dr.Ichak Adizes in a variety of projects, among them the creation of a methodology for coaching executives using the Enneagram and the Adizes PAEI code, that resulted in a highly acclaimed book and the later development of the E-PAEI Assessments.

Other projects of Madanes School with Dr.Adizes include: adapting the Adizes system to be used as a management system for marriage and family; writing several books together, developing training programs and co-founding the Adizes Institute for Systemic Family Coaching.

About your Certifier – Yechezkel Madanes
Yechezkel Madanes, MA co-founder of Madanes School, is a trained sociologist and social anthropologist, who also holds various degrees in business, management, and coaching. He contributes his social science expertise in people-centric research and development. The Assessment Center is the fruit of 20 years of research and the Madanes’ tests has been refined and fine-tuned working with over 10,000 people.