Enneagram Couples Coach Certification



Embark on the career that many describe as a journey of a lifetime! The Certification in Couples-Coaching with the Enneagram provides a comprehensive coach training to assist couples seeking to enhance, repair and rebuild their relationship.

This program will equip you with all the tools you’ll need to help couples, from A to Z. It will give you the complete toolbox of tests, assessments, maps, guidelines and manuals together with our most advanced, internationally acclaimed and accredited coaching skills to get you up and running in your practice as a couples-coach.

Why certify as a Couples Coach at Madanes School?
For almost two decades Yechezkel and Ruth Madanes have dedicated their lives to discovering what it takes, to not only attain an extraordinary relationship, but also, sustain it. And at Madanes they have been developing and running this curricula now for more than fifteen years. During this period, we’ve seen just about every possible problem that couples could have!
The Madanes’ Enneagram Couples Coaching methodology is a practical method based on Yechezkel and Ruth Madanes best-selling relationship books, as well as…

  • their work in couples-coaching at their own coaching school, which is a licensee of the International Association of Coaching;
  • their experience in running a couples-coaching training program for years,
  • and the many tips and ideas they’ve learned by working directly and writing books with some of the world’s leading relationship experts. Yechezkel and Ruth Madanes have collaborated with “father of the coaching industry” Anthony Robbins; Master Trainer of psychotherapists Cloe Madanes, and world-renowned organizational expert Prof. Ichak Adizes. Their marriage book was endorsed by Dr.Ellyn Bader, professor of Marriage and Family Studies at UCLA and founder of the Couples Institute in California.

The result? The first ever transdisciplinary relationship program that uses the Enneagram as a core tool; a comprehensive system for transforming every area of a relationship that uses the Enneagram together with tools from multiple disciplines.

Why is our method transdisciplinary? Because it cross-fertilizes several disciplines and brings you the best experts from diverse areas such as coaching, psychology, management, and neuroscience – all put at the service of helping couples take their marriage to the next level. For example: from coaching, couples can learn how to set goals and work towards achieving those goals; from management, couples can learn to work as a team. They can also learn to effectively negotiate their differences; and so on… A wealth of insights and tools is waiting for you from the most diverse disciplines – all brought to you in an entertaining and lively format by Madanes School.

In our training, we promise you one a-ha moment after another! Practical tools, distinction, principles, ideas and insights, that you’ll get, to be able to help couples take their relationship to a deeper level, to create more chemistry, more trust, more magic, more depth.

Why couples-coaching? And what is the difference with couples-therapy?
Coaching approaches couples from a different perspective. Unlike therapy, which looks at the past, coaching looks into the future. It emphasizes the resources and skills that in one hand, each spouse needs to develop individually, and in the other, the resources and skills that need to be developed as a couple – in order to achieve a situation of happiness and marital stability that they are not able to achieve with their present skillset. It’s therefore a look from the present and into the future – regardless of what happened in the past.

Once that new skillset is developed – very rapidly it is possible to change the way each spouse sees the relationship. The change in outlook allows their relationship problems not to be resolved – but to dissolve. What once one saw as a problem – under a new perspective, the problem disappears. Our powerful coaching frameworks are built in a way that allows for deep breakthroughs and paradigm shifts.

Why coaching couples with the Enneagram?
Because spouses are different. And therefore “one size fits all” marriage advice doesn’t work. The Enneagram doesn’t use a generic approach to relationship advice. As a superb tool for self-discovery and insight, it provides couples with an excellent and impartial way to examine their similarities and differences. It offers a lens through which a couple can examine their individual uniqueness without suggesting that one is right and the other is wrong. In the Enneagram, no type is better than another, and each spouse is seen as potentially contributing a special gift to the relationship. The experience of learning the Enneagram makes it possible to see other perspectives and be compassionate to loved ones.

The Enneagram is a tool for self-discovery and self-growth that will allow each spouse to understand her or his personality type, what are the gifts that each brings to the relationship, what are their particular needs and preferences, and how each partner can best support the other. It will also teach you what not to do: how not to speak to your spouse’s specific personality type, what are the things that anger them the most and other pitfalls worth avoiding!

The most rigorous couples coaching certification available worldwide
Madanes School is an official licensee of the International Association of Coaching (IAC) When it comes to masterful coaching standards, one name stands high above the rest: the International Association of Coaching (IAC) Coaching Masteries®. The IAC was the brainchild of Thomas J. Leonard, the founder of the modern coaching profession (who also founded ICF), and the Nine Masteries were developed by an international team of expert coaches, whose dedication and hard work yielded an authoritative system that is the gold standard of coaching.

Format of the program
The program is fully online. In this dynamic training you’ll study through 34 video modules (23 mandatory for certification, 9 optional). You’ll do practice exercises and you’ll learn how to apply every technique that you learn with your clients. You will also get a robust library of PDF handouts summarizing all the material covered.
You can study at your own pace and in your own schedule. The program allows you total flexibility to learn whenever it suits you, and make progress at your own pace. The modules are available to you at our online campus 24/7/365. We have students from 26 countries around the world, and the average student completes the program and obtains certification and professional credentialing in about 9 to 10 months.

Personalized individual feedback, directly from our faculty
Each module will teach you new skills, and by the end of the certification program, you will have a full professional toolbox for masterful coaching.
To help you practice and master the personality typing and coaching techniques, each video module has a pdf handout and a homework assignment that you complete and send to our faculty for review. Our faculty members will make sure you are learning the techniques properly, offer suggestions and tailor the feedback to your specific needs and interests. You will also have the opportunity to receive feedback on the particular questions of the module, and learn how to apply the techniques to the professional and/or personal situations you are currently facing.
From time to time, you can also schedule (optional) brief Q&A Skype/Zoom meetings with our faculty, to ask them any question and clarification you’d like on the materials learned.
The certification program has been carefully designed, to ensure that you gain an action-oriented, practical grounding in the Enneagram Coaching model, which you can immediately put into practice.