New in Madanes School!

Monthly Support & Consulting Services  for Graduate Students

Do you miss the support and guidance that the feedback on your homework gave you as a student?

Get guidance, motivation and empowerment again, through  the  uniquely  personal, energizing and dedicated support of Yechezkel and Ruth Madanes, now as a graduate!

At MadanesSchool, we view support as essential to maintain, sustain and grow a great coaching practice. We believe in lifelong learning commitment and want to offer you, as a graduate of our programs, the possibility to keep in touch with Yechezkel and/or Ruth Madanes.

This is an opportunity to be connected again with Yechezkel and/or Ruth Madanes every week!

What will you get?

·         Obtain support in working with your coaching clients.
·         Guidance in how to deal with difficult, resistant, negative, mismatching clients – and how to deal with the frustration that typically arises in those cases.
·         Receive feedback on how you are conducting each of your coaching processes.
·         Have a place to “unload” and express personal feelings and frustrations that naturally arise when working with your coachees.
·         Resolve stuckness in productive and creative ways.
·         Maximize the value you give to your clients.
·         Maintain a “compass” for getting the coaching process on track, and avoid derailers.
·         Have a "mirror" for understanding how your own Enneagram type may be getting on the way while you coach your clients.
·         Add enormous value to your own personal development as an Enneagram Coach.
·         Get help in your practice building.
·         Get the latest updates on the Madanes methodology and get new tools as they are launched.
·         Keep developing your skills and competencies in relevant and meaningful ways.

 How much does it cost?

Special! Launching offer:  Only U$S 145 per month!

 How does it work?

Once you subscribe to our Support and Consulting Services, you'll be able to send via email, any question you may have every week (yes... like in the old times in which as a student you sent to us your homework and questions!) in the same way, you can send now any inquiry every week.
So that's how it looks:
You send a main question, that will be answered in a maximum of 2 business days by one of our Directors, Ruth and / or Yechezkel Madanes via email.
After receiving the answer to that question, you can ask a second clarifying question, which will be answered in a maximum of 2 business days.

 when can i Start?

Just fill  the form in this page, subscribe via Paypal and you'll be all set, and send your first question right away!

If you  want more information please contact Melinda at or call us :1 (646) 751-8913

$145 monthly

You can unsubscribe anytime