The Enneagram for Couples

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The Enneagram in Relationships         

What are the secrets of couples who are able to sustain their love and passion for 20, 30 or even 40 years, and what can you do right now to create an even more extraordinary relationship? A very powerful way to create a thriving love relationship, is to begin by understanding and accepting yours and your mate’s personality types.

The Enneagram, a renowned personality typing system, explains why we behave the way we do, providing an important tool for self-discovery and insight. The Enneagram provides couples with an excellent and impartial way to examine their similarities and differences.  It offers a lens through which a couple can examine their individual preferences without suggesting that one is right and the other is wrong.  In the Enneagram, no type is better than another, and each spouse contributes a special gift to the relationship.

Spouses are different: “one size fits all” marriage advice doesn’t work

Unlike most relationship advice, the Enneagram doesn’t use a “one size fits all” generic approach.  It’s a tool for self-discovery and self-growth that will allow each spouse to understand her or his personality type, what are the gifts that each brings to the relationship, what are their particular needs and preferences, and how each partner can best support the other. It will also teach you what not to do: how not to speak to your spouse’s specific personality type, what are the things that anger them the most and other pitfalls worth avoiding!

Take your relationship to the next level

Marriage is a life journey with your partner. There is a lot to discover, a lot that is challenging and yet there is a lot to be enjoyed as long as you know how to navigate together in today’s world. And if you remember that no relationship is perfect. Even the best couples can use some extra skills or help from time to time. Every couple has challenges: as a husband and wife team, maybe it is your case that you have great affection and are very loving to each other, but your finances are suffering and you can’t agree on how to turn the situation over. Or maybe your finances are great but you don’t feel supported by your partner. Or maybe you feel supported, but you can’t agree on how to discipline your kids. Or you have nasty arguments and don’t know how to stop the negativity once it begins… You got the idea: whatever the situation, there is always something to learn as both a couple and at the individual spouse level and marriage is thus an opportunity for you and your partner to grow and develop. Because sooner or later, the relationship will trigger a challenge – and you want to be sure that you are prepared. That’s what this program aim is: to equip you with the best tools, so you can always keep improving and growing, while you enjoy a great relationship!

This online program will show you the amazing things that can happen in your marriage simply by recognizing yours and your partner’s personality type, and by learning to speak your mate’s language.