The Enneagram for Parenting

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The instructor of this program and co-founder of our school, Yechezkel Madanes, is the parent, together with his wife Ruth, of four kids. Two girls and two boys.
Very quickly they discovered that in terms of education, what worked with the first kid, was not working with the second… and what worked with the second didn’t work with the third or fourth.
Fortunately, they had a map called the Enneagram. With its help, they were able to figure out and “decode” each of their kids (well, they are still trying. But the system has worked more often than not!).

Join Yechezkel in this program as he shares the adventure of parenting, the successes and the mistakes along the way, and the valuable lessons learned.

In this program, you’ll learn:
• The 9 types of kids
• Deeply understand your kid: strengths, unique potential, areas that are challenging, fears, motivators, drives, tendencies, struggles, quirks and learning style.
• Parenting strategies that work for each one
• How to find the ideal balance of discipline and warmth – with each style
• How to adapt your parenting style to your kid’s type.
• How to become more effective and efficient in communicating – do’s and don’ts with each of the 9 types.
• How to discover your own personality type as parents – so you can form a “team” and work together to support your kid in the most effective way.

You’d agree, that parenting, in the 21st century is not easy! But equipped with the Enneagram, you are much better prepared for this fascinating journey. Sign up today and learn how you too can become a more effective parent by nurturing each kid appropriately.