Supervision sessions with Madanes School's co-Founders Yechezkel and/or Ruth Madanes

At MadanesSchool, we view supervision as essential to maintain, sustain and grow a great coaching practice.

What are Madanes' Supervision Sessions?

These are 90 min. individual sessions where you can:

  • Obtain support in working with your coaching clients.

  • Learn how to address difficult, resistant, negative, mismatching clients – and how to deal with the frustration that typically arises in those cases.

  • Receive feedback on how you are conducting each of your coaching processes.

  • Have a place to “discharge” and express personal feelings and frustrations that naturally arise when working with your coachees.

  • Resolve stuckness in productive and creative ways.

  • Have a place to work on your own professional stress, and get support, motivation and empowerment through the uniquely personal, energizing and dedicated support of Yechezkel and Ruth Madanes.

  • Maximize the value you give to your clients.

  • Maintain a “compass” for getting the coaching process on track, and avoid derailers.

  • Have a "mirror" for understanding how your own Enneagram type may be getting on the way while you coach your clients.
  • Add enormous value to your own personal development as an Enneagram Coach.

  • Get help in your practice building.

  • Get the latest updates on the Madanes methodology and get new tools as they are launched.

  • Keep developing your skills and competencies in relevant and meaningful ways.

Please reserve your supervision session by paying for your package (1, 3 or 8 sessions) on the right, then email Melinda Dasz to schedule your appointment

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Supervision Session* $75

Special price package: 3 Sessions* at $175

(instead of $225)

 Peak-performance package: 8 sessions* at $499

(instead of $600)

All prices in US dollars