Enneagram Coaching is becoming a widely recognized tool and psychotherapists who use it are in greater demand. It will help you read your clients and transform their lives. It will maximize the value of your sessions and your overall effectiveness as a therapist.



I am therapist, why study Enneagram Coaching?

The public has a clear thirst for methodologies that enhance well-being and facilitate the attainment of personal and business goals. Yet historically, psychology as an academic and applied discipline has failed to adequately engage with this demand, leaving the door open for other, arguably, less qualified individuals to meet the public’s call for personal development tools.

Many of us came to our studies in psychology with the expectation that we would learn empirically validated ways to work with people, to help them set and reach goals in their personal and business lives. We were looking to be taught how to design and implement real-life change interventions that furthered our understandings of the psychological mechanisms of human change and development. Unfortunately, for many of us the undergraduate curriculum was disappointing in that regard.

Without doubt, the theoretical and empirical foundations laid in the study of perception, learning, individual differences, neuroscience, and social and abnormal psychology are all important in understanding the mechanics of the mind, and group and individual processes. The growing body of knowledge and practice in applying this theory and research in clinical settings bears witness to this. Nevertheless, there has been a frustrating gap in the application of psychological knowledge beyond clinical populations to improve the lives of so-called normally functioning individuals and groups. This kind of frustrations gave impetus to the emergence of contemporary coaching psychology“

Dr Anthony M Grant MAPS and Dr Michael J Cavanagh MAPS, School of Psychology, University of Sydney

What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a personality types system that studies the differences between people. It describes nine distinct ways of thinking, feeling and acting. It also describes how we become trapped in our personality mechanisms and what can we do to relax our defenses, so we can not only live life from a place of greater freedom but can also unleash our gifts and true potential. It's therefore invaluable for personal growth and a "must-have" addition for a therapist toolbox.   Read a description of the nine types


What's unique about Enneagram Coaching?

Unintentionally, many professional coaches relate to their clients using a "one-size-fits-all", canned approach. As if all clients were "the same" - what works with one client will also work with another. But in reality it doesn't work like that. Clients are different. The Enneagram gives you the sensitivity to profoundly understand each one of your clients, so you can create rapport, emphatize and compassionately help them heal in the most integral way possible.


What the Madanes certification will give you:

Superb Diagnostic Skills

  • How to recognize each type by their body language and speaking style.
  • How to quickly screen and assess clients and their needs.
  • How to identify temperament and character tendencies with great accuracy.
  • How to recognize the cognitive distorting filters of each of the nine personality type.
  • How to identify and deal with potential transference/countertransference issues with each type.  

Superb Coaching Skills

  • How to create an environment in which the client feels understood and safe.
  • How to communicate clearly, sensitively and effectively with each of your clients.
  • How to elicit key information from even the most challenging client.
  • How to effectively pose coaching questions to each type.
  • How to help clients see through their behavior to underlying patterns and appreciate their defenses in a more compassionate light.
  • How to recognize the best opportunities to effectively intervene with each type.
  • How to tailor your therapeutic strategies in ways that will resonate with each individual.
  • How to remain unattached to a therapeutic outcome and truly open to your client's potential for change.
  • How to help each client move from stuckness to growth - step by step.
  • How to deal with "Motivational Amnesia" using the Madanes' Coaching Cheat-Sheets ®

Read what the experts are saying about Madanes 


Bring light to your own life

Learning the Enneagram will not only teach you how to read people differently and enhance your therapeutic skills. We can assure that you will also find how it impacts and touches you on a personal level, to the core of your being. It's an experience that you'll find extremely rewarding and life transforming. It will offer you a treasury of profound insights that will illuminate the way towards your own growth in both your personal and professional lives, and in all your relationships as well.


Study from the convenience of your office, clinic or home.

Our Enneagram programs are offered completely online, through multimedia video training modules. Faculty is available to videochat in realtime during the weekly online office hours or by personal appointment, to help you with any questions or challenges you may have. And for administrative issues, the friendly staff at Madanes School is committed to help you from day one and is available to support you throughout the entire course.


Try the program now with no obligation at all. Two full modules, on us. So you can experience the power of the Enneagram and how you can integrate it in your practice.  


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