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Madanes School is proud to be an official licensee of the International Association of Coaching (IAC). From 2019, Yechezkel Madanes is the Head of the Research Departmentof the IAC. Read the IAC's President's Foreword to Yechezkel & Ruth Madanes' upcoming book on the IAC's Nine Coaching Masteries here

Online Programs

Endorsed by some of the leading authorities in the fields of coaching, psychology, management and neuroscience.

Since 2004, Madanes School has been developing research-based personal development tools that help individuals, schools, businesses and nonprofit organizations become more effective. 

Think the Enneagram meets Anthony Robbins, Dr.Cloe Madanes, Dr.Ichak Adizes and the MBTI. 

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Online Professional Certifications 

Certificate in Enneagram Coaching, Full Online Training

Regular Tuition $2,500    Limited Offer $1,699

Enneagram Profiler Accreditation, Full Online Training

Tuition: $1,350 

Certificate in Enneagram Business Coaching, Full Online Training

Tuition $2,750

Certificate in Enneagram Couples Coaching, Full Online Training

 Tuition $2,50o Limited 

Enneagram for Beginners Brief Online Course

$199    NEW! Available now!

Enneagram for Couples  Brief Online Course

$199   Starts December2020

Enneagram in Parenting Brief Online Course

$199   Starts December 2020

Enneagram at Work  Brief Online Course

$199 Starts December2020

Discover your Personality Type with the New Madanes Assessments

Get a complete personality report, and a roadmap for your personal and professional development. In these comprehensive reports you will learn about:

  • Your Enneagram type
  • Your dominant Adizes PAEI roles
  • Tips for communicating with others
  • Tips for others to know you better and get along with you
  • Your main strengths and talents
  • Your main areas for development and personalized coaching tips
  • and much more!

The Assessments come in 4 versions: Personal Growth, Couples, Schools and Career/Business.

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