(Coaching with the Enneagram, the MBTI and Anthony Robbins-Cloe Madanes' HNP) by Yechezkel & Ruth Madanes, with a Foreword by master trainer of psychotherapists Cloe Madanes.

"The beauty of this new Enneagram and Coaching book is how the authors have created a non-pathologizing methodology that recognizes both our humanness and our spiritual core. We highly admire the spirit and depth of their approach to coaching with the Enneagram"    -- Don Riso & Russ Hudson, co-authors of the international best-sellers Personality Types and The Wisdom of the Enneagram. This widely acclaimed book offers coaches, consultants, trainers, and therapists the necessary tools to transform their careers using the Enneagram, a sophisticated personality types system, as a basis for effective interventions.

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FROM STUCKNESS TO GROWTH: Executive Coaching - By Yechezkel & Ruth Madanes, with a Foreword by world-renowned authority in organizational transformation Ichak Adizes, Ph.D.

“Good leaders know the importance of relationships to a healthy organization. From Stuckness to Growth  will raise your awareness as a leader. Knowing how each individual's unique personality type drives his or her behavior will improve the value of every interaction and relationship in your workplace.  Every leader should keep this book nearby and refer to it often.”
-- KEN BLANCHARD Co-author of “The One Minute Manager®” and “Great Leaders Grow”

"To succeed as a leader you must uncover the belief system that shapes your decisions. Powerful tools for transformation!"
ANTHONY ROBBINS, New York Times best-selling author of Awaken the Giant Within  and Unlimited Power.

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