Program (Generation 3) for graduates

Thank you for your interest in the Certificate in Enneagram Coaching at Madanes School!

Please make sure you are familiar with all aspects of the Program before submitting your application and/or payment. By submitting your Enrollment Form and/or payment you acknowledge that you agree to the School's terms and conditions (please see below). 


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Please read this information thoroughly to ensure that you are familiar with all aspects of the Program before submitting your application. Your Enrollment Form is a legal document, and by submitting it you acknowledge you agree to all the School conditions and terms.


The School will email you an enrollment confirmation within 24 hours of the receipt of payment. Instructions for accessing your online classrooms will be sent to the email address you provide in the Enrollment Form.


The Program consists of 34 weekly video-modules. Going through 4 modules per month you can complete the course in about 8 months or take as long as you need. You are on your own schedule and can access the course indefinitely. You can complete the course entirely on your own time, schedule and location.

Feedback from our faculty: During the course, you will receive feedback on each of your homeworks and from time to time you'll be able to schedule a brief 15-min Skype session with Yechezkel and/or Ruth Madanes, to consult about particular questions or challenges you may have in your studies. Please note this option is subject to availability only and depends entirely on our faculty's schedule. Please consult with the School's assistants well in advance if you wish to schedule a Skype meeting with faculty to check availability.

This option is in any case to be used within one year from the day of official enrollment to the program, regardless of the time the student decides to take for completing the whole Certification program.

Each weekly module consists of two parts:

a. Video Module: these modules will teach you, step by step, the Madanes Enneagram Coaching methodology.

b. Homework: Each module comes with a homework to strengthen your grasp of the concepts that you study each week and to help you put what you learn into practice right away. Yechezkel and/or Ruth Madanes will personally give you feedback on each of your homeworks. In order to receive your Certificate of Completion all homeworks must have been completed and turned in.


As a final requirement for the course, each participant must submit a video recording of their work featuring an Enneagram Coaching session. Instead of a video, it is also possible to submit a session transcript or an essay.

Upon successful completion of your studies you will receive a Madanes School Certificate in Enneagram Coaching signed by Yechezkel and Ruth Madanes.

You will also be able to use the accreditation logo to promote yourself or your organization as an officially Madanes Trained Practitioner.

Madanes School is an official Licensee of the International Association of Coaching (IAC). This qualifies certified Madanes graduates to apply for IAC credentials, if desired (subject to passing IAC's tests; IAC's membership and test fees payable separately to IAC).


You are not officially enrolled until you choose a payment option. You may pay by VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or Paypal (to pay use the secure link at the top of this page). All fees are quotes in U.S.dollars.


Before signing up, you have the possibility and you are invited to meet our faculty over an individual Skype session to clear any doubt you may have about the academic curricula or any other question concerning our programs. Once you sign up there are no refunds.
The School may modify the tuition refund policy for specific students on a case by case basis under specific extenuating or extraordinary circumstances. This will be considered only upon written request submitted to the School. Exceptions which should not normally be considered include change in job, normal illness, and poor decision or change of mind by a student.


The School cancels courses only when absolutely necessary, but we must reserve the right to do so, as well as to reschedule courses and change instructors. If a course is canceled, students may either request a transfer to another course or they will automatically receive a full refund, usually within four weeks. We do not reimburse any expense other than the full course fee in the event of course cancellation.

The School reserves the right to add, modify, or delete any aspects of its Programs (including but not limited to tuition costs and content/structure/format) at any time at its sole discretion, and without prior notice.


Madanes School reserves the right to refuse a student participation in courses and/or programs. In addition, the School reserves the right to remove from a Program a student at its sole discretion.


All videos and audios, as well as any written materials you'll receive during this course, as well as the structure, format and design of the course, are the intellectual property of  Madanes School. These resources are for the exclusive use of our Program's students and may not be distributed in any way or form without the express written consent of Madanes School.

1 payment of $999

2 installments of $499 each

3 installments of $333 each

*Cost for training at Madanes School. Doesn't include exam fees and membership fees that need to be paid separately to the International Association of Coaching.