Bottom line: why do I need this?

The Enneagram is an amazingly accurate system of personality types. It describes nine types of people and how each thinks, feels and acts in predictable ways. During the last decade it began to be used extensively at some of the world's leading corporations, such as Motorola, IBM, Google, Kraft, Pepsi and Bank of America.

Now, for the very first time, the Enneagram is combined with the Adizes PAEI code to produce an unusually powerful diagnostic and development tool that will help managers unlock and unleash their full leadership potential.

During this dynamic trainings, participants can discover their own Enneagram type, and that of their clients, colleagues and subordinates. You'll come out of the seminar with tools that will allow you not only to grow as a leader, but also to identify other people's styles so you can better relate to them, dramatically improving communication, reducing destructive conflict and paving the way for building a culture of Mutual Trust and Respect.

If you want to...

  • Grow beyond your limitations and unlock all the power that is within you.
  • Take control of your professional life and become a great leader
  • Feel great with yourself, your work and both your professional and personal relationships.
  • Decrease stress, organize yourself better and live a more productive and healthy executive life

...then this seminar is for you!


During this training you'll learn:

  • An incredibly powerful, holistic model that you'll use for leadership development, communication, conflict management, creativity and innovation, problem-solving, team-building and personal growth. It will have a transformational impact in both your professional and personal lives.

  • Why do you act the way you act, and what are the forces that shape and drive your behavior.

  • Why you don't do what you know you need to do.

  • Discover yours and your team working style – with a level of accuracy you wouldn't imagine possible!

  • How to apply the Enneagram and Adizes to optimize yourself, your organization and your teamwork.

  • How to identify your key strengths, challenges and priority areas of action, as well as those of each member of your team; how to capitalize on these strengths so you can become a leader and your team can move to peak performance while managing the challenges.

  • How to design personal development strategies that can immediately bring results.

  • Understand how each member of your team creates, manages and deals with conflict, and how to prevent unnecessary friction and clashes from draining yours and your team's energies. You'll learn how to create rapport and “build bridges” with each of the nine personality types, and what to do when communication gets stuck.

  • How to use the Enneagram and Adizes to build succesful relationships with all the nine personality types, and how to communicate effectively with subordinates, colleagues and clients.

Who should attend:
CEOs, senior executives, and managers at all levels This program is appropriate, although not limited to, individuals with the following titles: Chief Executive officer, President, Board Chair or Board Member, Vice President, Executive Director, Director of operations, Director of Human resources, Director of Sales, Director of Marketing, Director of Administration, Department Manager, Assistant Director, Supervisor

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