We believe all business problems can be solved from the inside-out. 

We believe that the world today needs conscious businesses that find, onboard, develop, nurture and retain their talent in ways that develop both their humanity and their professional effectiveness and efficiency, for both the short and the long-run.

We live in a uniquely challenging era, with corporations facing continuous technological disruption. In this mercilessly competitive, fast-paced environment finding, onboarding, developing and retaining our talent is becoming increasingly difficult. 

Due to the situation, organizations today are experiencing difficulties all along the talent cycle

The difficulties of finding the right people (Sources: U.S. Department of Labor, Link Humans, ApolloTechnical).

  • According to Warren Buffett, choosing the wrong people to lead and build its teams is the No.1 risk for businesses. 
  • As of 2021, the average cost of a bad hire in the U.S. can amount to $240,000.
  • The costs that add up and directly hurt the bottom line relate to:
    • the bad hire's search and hiring costs.
    • the training of this employee.
    • the money spent in finding a replacement (paying job search websites to post ads).
    • the money invested in training the replacement. 
    • the revenue lost due to the time and energy invested in searching for and interviewing replacements (screening resumes, reaching out to candidates, following up with them, scheduling interviews, conducting reference and background checks, negotiating salaries, waiting for final candidates to accept the offer). 
  • Poor hires result in productivity losses, as managers need to spend an extra 20% of their time following up with low-performers (a full wasted day per week, that can be used for doing real work). Bad hires cause slowdowns, missed deadlines, an inability to reach team goals, and unsatisfied customers (bad hires causing loss of clients and damaged reputation due to bad reviews). According to Gallup, this productivity and sales loss amounts to at least $450 billion per year, because it's not only current sales you are losing, but also your ability to attract new clients. 
  • A wrong hire can end up leaving a bad review for your organization in Glassdoor -a website offering insights into the employee experience - reducing your company's ratings, damaging your employer brand and affecting even your ability to further recruit talent.

MIOS helps you avoid hiring bad candidates in the first place. 

MIOS offers a complete personality report and a roadmap for personal and professional development. Based on the integration of two powerful maps, the Enneagram and Adizes PAEI roles, this assessment will map your inner and outer personality styles. In this comprehensive report you will learn about:

  • Your inner style: Your main Enneagram style, as well as a complete mapping of your distribution across the 9 types and the configuration that makes you truly unique. What is your worldview, your identity, your gifts and strengths as well as your blind spots and derailers.
  • Your outer style: Your Adizes PAEI scores and in what unique ways you are being effective and efficient in the world. 
  • Leadership and teamwork: tips for communicating with others as well as tips for others to know you better and get along with you.
  • Your main areas for development and personalized coaching tips
  • and much more!

This is the first assessment to map both your psychological make-up as well as your preferred business roles. Most assessments in the market tend to measure just one, or the other.